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The Physiological Sigh

Most-effective protocol to reduce stress in real-time without having to disengage from stress-inducing activity!

Sign me up, of course! This sounds WAY too good to be true, but I wouldn’t steer you wrong.  For those of you not aware of this exciting medical finding, Dr. Andrew Huberman conducted an extensive study to compare breathing strategies for stress reduction and the findings revealed: Physiological sighing for 5 minutes significantly outperformed […]

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Teeth Alignment: ‘Rooted in Lifestyle, not Genetics’

How it relates to your facial appearance, breathing, digestion & overall health

Let me ask you a question. How many times do you chew your food before swallowing?  Uhh …Yea, I know.  Let’s see, am paying attention while scrolling through my phone? Probably not.  Does drinking a protein shake while busy at work count as chewing?  Nah… but at least it was a healthy option, right?  I […]